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Termius V6.5.0 Beta

Termius V6.5.0 Beta

Termius Mac cracked version – It is a cross-platform SSH client that can quickly control the server remotely, supports ECDSA and ed25519 keys and chacha20-poly1305 passwords, 12 colorful themes and adjustable font production, and is suitable for all major mobile and desktop systems.

Mac cracked app features:

1. Host

Sync the host on each device-including groups, tags and searches.

2. Pier

Real-time preview of multitasking. Use themes to separate stage and production.

3. Command line

Redesign touch

4. Terminal touch

Move the cursor and use swipe gestures to cycle through commands.

5. Clipboard

Copy and paste on iOS and Android is fully supported.

6. Tap it

Double-click to “hold” the key to perform a key combination.

7. External keyboard

Bluetooth and Apple Smart Keyboard work exactly as you expect, with full shortcut support.

8. Double-click the tab

Double-click the command line to the tab, which is useful for auto-complete commands.

9. Key combination

The Termius keyboard has dedicated buttons for frequently used key combinations.

Mac cracked app screenshot:


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